5 Amazing Facts about Car Armors

You might not even notice an armored car unless you see a security guard walk around with millions of dollars.  This is a shame since they are car armor are powerful machines that has more secrets than meets the eye.

If you are behind the driving wheel of one, you are going to feel like you are indestructible and you will be able to take on anyone you want. Take a look at some of the weird things that you might be aware of. This will give you a newfound appreciation for the next armored car you pass when you drive down the street.

car armor

It isn’t the Most Dangerous Security Jobs

You might feel that driving around in car armor with millions of dollars in the back is dangerous. No doubt, it is dangerous but there are other security jobs where there is a chance if being killed. A nightclub doorman is professional where he is most likely to be hurt. An armored truck security guard comes in a close second. Hence, it is safer to stick to your job.

Throw a Humpback Whale at the Backseat

Armored cars are generally very heavy. When you load them fully, it might weight as much as a fairly small humpback. You need to remember that it usually has a huge amount of money at the back containing small coins.  In case you want to compare it to something a bit easier than it is going to weigh like the cargo helicopter which you will find in the battlefields. You will not be able to push-start no matter how hard you try.

You can Drive on Flat Tires

Consider how easy it is going to be for someone who has a good aim to shoot at a tire of car armor. It is going to make other cars useless. However, an armored vehicle is capable of driving with flat tires at a fast speed. If you are being attacked the driver can simply think about getting the car to safety.  This is possible since they will be able to drive on deflated tires. It is difficult to burst their tires but they have the measures in place if it happens.

armored cars

Taking Your Kids to School

If you want to create an car armor out of any vehicle, you need to know which one you should choose. It is actually the buses that are used for taking the kids to school. It started in Chicago when the mobster began beefing up the cars for protecting themselves against the enemies and police.  The police fought back simply by purchasing a bunch of busses and installing steel plates and covered the windows with bars.

Trucks were Inspired by September

The fateful day of 9/11 changed  a lot of things. Car armors were nothing different. The primary problem was vulnerable fuel tank and also the underside of each of the trunk since if the bomb went off the people inside will not stand much of a chance. These days you are going to find that it is easy to disconnect the fuel tank remotely.  The underside of the trunk is pretty stronger and will be able to detect any bombs which come along its path.

Get one these vehicles and you will not require a security guard for your safety.